New York City High Schools have claimed a higher graduation rate than there actually was. The schools inflated the numbers by counting the students who dropped out as students who were discharged. Students who are discharged are those who transfer to a private school or a school out of the city and are not counted against a school’s dropout rates. The schools were audited by the state comptroller’s office. Looking at the new numbers for 2008, the graduation rate is 62.9 and not the 65.5 that was originally calculated. You can read more about it in the New York Times.

Schools have gone over several student records to determine whether or not the students were actually discharged or dropped out. It makes sense for the schools to obsess over this because it effects how much money the schools receive from the government. With low graduation rates, some schools are forced to close because they are not meeting the standards. Especially in this economy,  hey will do things like this in order to keep funding for their school. Budget cuts are not in education’s favor and I don’t particularly blame them for inflating graduation numbers.