The NY education budget is being cut next year due to overall state budget cuts, and with this, teachers are being cut and superintendents’ savings are getting taken but what does this mean for the students?  The answer to this may partially be found in the NY education construction budget—which as of right now is not looking so hot.  The New York Times reported a new construction aid cap that will reduce the number of schools to be built greatly.  Last year the state approved for 56 new schools to be built to accommodate for about 28,000 students, but now due to budget cuts only 26 schools can be built and only 14,000 new students can be accommodated.  Where will these students go, the already overcrowded NY classrooms?  This segues right into one of the most problematic situations facing the NY education system today, the rapid increase of class size.    There is already a state waiver for about 1,635 schools to mandate class size reduction targets, but will this be enough?  The class size issue seems to be a long-time issue and now that we know expansion cannot happen because construction budgets have been cut it appears that a solution is no where to be found. I guess this has turned into a call of action—it is now time to put on our thinking caps and figure out how to find a solution to this dilemma.

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