During the past weekend, governor Andrew Cuomo put forth a tentative proposal to cut New York states’ budget spending. It appears that the governor has good intentions with trying to help the state come out of this budget crisis, however, there are a few gaps to his proposal. First and foremost, Governor Cuomo has proposed cutting budgets that aid to health care and education in the state of New York. The deal calls for a year to year cut of about $2 billion of spending in health care and education. It is said that this cut will reduce year to year spending by 2 percent. However, the governor has agreed to add $ 250 million to his executive budget proposal to fund for schools, human services, higher education, and  the blind and deaf, and prescription drugs for the elderly. On the other hand, the proposal did not mention a “millionaires’ tax”, as said by Billy Easton , executive director of the Alliance for Quality Education said, his refusal to tax the rich hurts students immensely; ” Governor Cuomos’ first budget makes heartlessly large cuts to our schools to finance cuts for millionaires and billionaires, and students in poor and middle class districts  will lose the most educationally”. It seems that the governor is sympathizing with millionaires rather than with students, which as we know it, are the future of tomorrow. The proposal was successful in not adding any new taxes, however it does not include an extension of the states rent regulation, as well as the surcharge on income tax. Indeed there is still a lot of work for the governor to do in order for his plan to work without it hindering quality education for the future of tomorrows’ New York students.

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