The New York Times reported about the elementary school P.S. 9 in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn that, even though is not in the best of locations, is really fulfilling peoples’ needs.  The PTO, parent teacher organization, is extremely successful and the co-presidents Nelly Heredia and Penelope Mahot explain that they are also extremely happy with the way the children are actually learning, as well as many other things.  Their biggest worry is the public school which is attached to P.S. 9, M.S. 571.  It is a low-performing, and on December 6, the Department of Education announced plans to phase it out.  What the parents want to do is expand P.S. 9 all the way through eighth grade with the empty space that M.S. 571 is leaving behind.  The education department has a different plan.  It has made plans to move a middle-grade charter school, Brooklyn East Collegiate, into the now empty space.

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