Back in October, Comedian Lewis Black appeared on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show (check out the link below) to comment on the education crisis. Okay, okay, I know this bit is dated, but it was too funny not to draw attention to, and the worst part is, IT’S STILL RELEVANT. Aside from the obvious laughs, Black actually makes some noteworthy points. Some highlights:

  1. This fall NBC decided to devote 1 week to the topic education. Wow, a FULL week did they run out of Law and Order re-runs to show?
  2. There is simply not enough information for people to understand WHAT the education crisis is…. after all we are not all rocket scientists, so why has NOBODY defined the problem?
  3. Robert F. Kennedy’s Community School cost 578000000 million dollars! Talk about a waste of money…. save on the fancy amenities and focus on making sure there is room for everyone in the school!
  4. The film Waiting For Superman highlights the process of Charter School selection-through lotteries…Seriously
  5. David Gregory suggests parents pop in to public schools-even if their kids don’t go there- to see what they can do to help improve the school. I can’t even say A for effort here David Gregory, stick to Meet The Press. This idea is disastrous, and screams a future episode of Law and Order SVU.
  6. As Green Day’s “American Idiot” plays Black declares U.S. kids the most confident, not the best in math or science, but at least the most confident…GREAT

Aside from the obvious laughs-and lets face it, Black is hysterical- the content is deeply depressing. This segment ran in October and it seems that the education crisis remains EXACTLY the same, if not worse. It is good that The Daily Show is drawing attention to this serious issue, now someone just has to DO SOMETHING. Hey Lewis Black, have you thought about a career in education? Think about it…. as you very well know, it couldn’t possibly get any worse.

For GAURENTEED laughs, check out the video:—education-crisis