Y is for Yummy!

March 27, 2011

As many of us that have attended a New York City Public school know, the food has always been anything but tasty. But now things have changed for the best. In an effort to join Michelle Obama’s campaign against childhood obesity many city school shave completely changes their lunchroom menus. In doing so, New York City schools have completely kicked candy and soda machines to the curb, and have embraced color into their cafeteria! Colors-being green, reds, and oranges from fresh fruits and vegetables. The school cafeterias are now fully equipped with whole grain pasta, salad bars, fresh fruit,and low fat-low sodium recipes; most importantly NO FRIED FOOD, NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS and NO TRANS FAT. The fact of the matter is that the schools are now considered as restaurants, and the students as customers. As Jorge Collazo, the Department’s executive chief mentions, “If you have a restaurant, you don’t keep offering dishes your customers don’t buy”. That is very thoughtful of them if you ask me! Being that the school system operates on such a large scale, 860,00 meals per day, the switch from unhealthy food to healthy foods will force vendors to cut the unhealthy elements out of prepared foods. In doing so, vendors will be providing tasty foods to students as well as lowering the price of cost to maintain the prepared foods. Students will finally leave their cafeterias saying “YUMM!” instead of “Yuck!” Although it is a swell idea, we have to look at the reality of things. With the current state of public schools in the city, will this plan be able to soar? If there isn’t enough money to maintain teachers and schools open, is there enough money to provide students with well balanced meals that they deserve? Only time will tell.

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