At a recent Dave Matthews concert, the Dave Matthews Band belted out their rendition of the classic ‘’Burning Down The House,” perhaps Mr. Primus was at this concert and got his inspiration from the song? Edward Primus a member of lower Manhattan’s District 1 Community Education Council has been arrested for reportedly threatening to burn down his daughter’s school. Primus allegedly told a school guidance counselor that if his daughter was not transferred from PS 184, he would burn it down. The New York Post reports that “he was busted Wednesday, two days after the incident was reported to police, and charged with attempted coercion and harassment.” Primus is reported to have history of violence. While the specific reasons for Primus’ outburst are not clear, perhaps he was so angered by the education system in Manhattan he decided to take action? While this is likely not the reason for his outburst, at least the New York Post has written an article on education. After all, they say all publicity is good publicity… right?

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