If there was ever a magic school bus this is it, and it is called Responsibility.   Ramel Aziz Sherman, Antoine Grant, Joaquín Trujillo Campos, and Stuart Felkner are recent college graduates with a mission: to understand the issues that our educational system faces.  They are on an Educate Responsibility Tour and are traveling 10,000 miles across the country and stopping in 15 cities and over 20 Public Schools .  They are also fiscally supporting education; Responsibility calls itself a “gift giving platform” and for every dollar spent on the tour means another dollar towards education.

They explain their goal for this tour to be “to gain a better understanding of what the barriers are to providing a better education to our students. We’re […] engaging in conversations with our nations educators and visiting the facilities in which they operate. We want to understand how we can facilitate a positive change within education so more students are motivated to learn and more teachers are armed with the tools they need to motivate them.”

As they go they are recording their daily progress so anyone can follow and engage in the tour via their Twitter, Facebook, or website: http://tour.responsibly.com/.

They just left New York yesterday and have yet to post anything—except for pictures—about their experience.  I am quite eager to find out what they have learned about the education system from the schools of New York.  I wish I could be a part of this tour because maybe, just maybe, then I will be able to understand why our education system is in such a funk.