Our Mission Statement

Education is a fundamental human right. New York State public schools are in crisis. Where that crisis has come from, has yet to be defined. With this blog, we aim to draw attention to this crisis and how the media does or does not portray it. With teacher layoffs, budget cuts, constant testing, and growing class sizes, one must question whether this right is heading for extinction.

The Writers

Koreen is a Junior in college and is from the beautiful West Coast. She wants to become a teacher one day and is very interested in finding out what is going on with our education system. Hopefully, blogging here will give her a bit of insight.

Nadine is a Junior in college and is from The Big Apple. She is interested in Law and wants to shed light on the problematic education system in Manhattan.

Ana is a Junior in college and is from the Boogie Down Bronx! She captivated by the flaws in the education system along with the overall encroaching problems with the New York State education system.

Hannah is a Sophomore in college and is from The Valley of the Sun. She has many more years of school to go and is interested in learning about the future of education in the US.


5 Responses to “About”

  1. MMC Media and Politics Prof said

    I like the look of this blog! And your mission statement is good. Careful, though, with the bios. There are a few typos. And Koreen, I think it’s great that you’re framing this as an exploration, but your bio makes it seem as though you are thinking about these things for the first time. Don’t sell yourself short!

  2. MMC Media and Politics Prof said

    One more comment – as I read further, I find myself squinting. Can you widen the space for text so the font can be bigger?

  3. MMC Media and Politics Prof said

    One more general comment: Shorter, punchier paragraphs! Your posts tend to come in long blocks of text. They need to be more glanceable…

  4. mmcmediaprof said

    I assume you all saw the NYT article about the private school graduates on a quest to “reform” public ed in the US today? Very bloggable…

  5. mmcmediaprof said

    Thought you might be intersted in these stats compied by journalist/editor Doug Henwood:


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