So why are tests the decision makers?

May 19, 2011

According to the most recent  audit to the Department of Education  by City Comptroller John C. Lui, although state regents tests, and graduation rates may demonstrate progress, they are difficult to understand. As told by Lui, because the method the grades are calculated has changes multiple times, it is difficult to use those reports to look at a school’s performance from year to year or to determine whether or not those numbers accurately the shift in performance. This is very problematic, because officials decide whether a school stays opened or closed based on the results of  those progress reports. How do they know they are accurate? Not implying that tests are the best way to check performance but can that assert that these measure are accurate? How about not changing the method every year. This flawed method may be the reason why so many schools have had failing grades and have ended up closing. If they have found a system that works, why not just stick to it?

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