New York City Education Department SUED by NAACP

May 19, 2011

The battle between New York City’s public officials and the members of the teachers union hit its all-time high with a controversial lawsuit.  In an attempt to stop the multiple school closings (and also subsequently stop the charter school take over) the United Federation of Teachers and NAACP filed a lawsuit against the New York City Department of Education earlier today.  Last year the UFT filed a similar suit and kept 19 schools open which were otherwise going to be closed.  “A settlement required the DOE to support the schools the UFT saved, committing the city to working on improving their performance instead of closing them. This year’s suit alleges that the DOE did not provide those resources, instead deciding to move forward with more closures.”  This just goes to show, that even when the system gets directly told what the people want, they continue to disregard it.

And where is Walcott in all of this?  He is “outraged” because he thinks that the union is trying to keep the adults happy instead of the kids—he bases this opinion on the belief that keep failing schools open is worse for the students.  So his solution is to simply close all of the “failing” schools and try to rebuild with charter schools that are not necessarily better just regulated differently.  But the real problem here is as Ken Cohen, regional director of New York State Conference of the NAACP, says: “it’s a matter of equity. ‘The NAACP has worked feverishly to serve the children of New York City,’ he said in a statement. ‘With the focus on education reform we find there has been a rush to judge and condemn schools and not enough effort to provide the quality education that the original case sought’”  This is the second lawsuit for New York City schools, who do you think should win Walcott or the NAACP?

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