Warehouse Full Of Wonders

May 17, 2011

There is a warehouse in Long Island City, a wonderful, wonderful warehouse that hold three ring binders, paint and even mannequins for public schools to use for free. Yes, free. The article titled For Schools, Free Art Supplies, and Much More in the New York Times tells us all about this magical place in Queens. The Materials for the Arts warehouse has been around for 32 years and has now opened its doors to public schools. There is a variety of items up for grabs at the warehouse. Some regular things like filing cabinets and benches along with other items that may not have a clear use like battery operated candles or clear buttons. Many have gone to the warehouse with the mentality that what they are able to base their projects about what they find in the warehouse. It seems to be almost like a treasure hunt. All of the stock in the warehouse is donation based from companies like Macy’s and Coach, even Columbia Pictures. Materials for the Arts is run by the Department of Cultural Affairs along with the Sanitation Department.
This is a wonderful resource for teachers and school officials. This is actually the first I have heard about anything like this in the city and everything is free! The Materials for the Arts warehouse helps teachers get out of the humdrum way of teaching and has them incorporate creativity into their lessons by having to be creative themselves with the finds they have chosen. I hope that this is around when I have a classroom!

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