Well Isn’t He Hilarious!

May 12, 2011

At least he thinks he’s amusing. President Obama responded to the ever-increasing criticism he has received recently, with opening remarks at the White House Correspondents Dinner (See video above).  In the first two minutes, he took quite a jab at Matt Damon-FYI Obama, the “Adjustment Bureau” was pretty good. Damon went on Piers Morgan’s show (see post below, for video) and spoke about his frustration with Obama, particularly his “education plan.” Now instead of productively responding to Damon’s valid criticism that students are not learning, but rather being taught to memorize-which is highly problematic- Obama decided to insult Damon’s newest film. I personally did not find this amusing, and think that Obama should take Damon’s criticism seriously and respond to it, for it is an incredibly valid concern, that is felt by many, but voiced publically by one successful actor. I was not amused by this, and think that Obama needs to take this criticism seriously, and DEAL with the crisis at hand, instead of taking jabs at Damon. On a side note, the bashing of Donald Trump was actually HYSTERICAL! Matt Damon, your up next…. take your best shot. Team Damon or Team Obama?


3 Responses to “Well Isn’t He Hilarious!”

  1. mmcmediaprof said

    To be fair, the correspondents’ dinner is not meant for serious policy conversations. But point taken…!

  2. nbarbasch said

    I had a feeling you would say that, and while I’m inclined to agree- and did think Obama’s jokes were funny, though I did like the Adjustment Bureau- the overall point I was trying to make is that whether this criticism comes in the form of Matt Damon or anyone else, it should be taken seriously. Overall, I was trying to express my dismay with Obama’s response to this national education crisis. Instead of answering Damon’s critiques- and many other people’s for that matter- he made a joke, and while that is appropriate given the setting, I personally would appreciate a serious response from the President in the midst of a national education crisis.

  3. hlaughlin said

    I am actually really interested to see if he does officially address the situation soon or if he is just going to shake it off.

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