Somewhere Cathleen Black is Laughing Hysterically

May 12, 2011

Unfortunately for Mayor Bloomberg, the departure of controversial- anyone remember her birth control quip? – former school Chancellor Cathleen Black has done nothing to help his approval ratings regarding education. Wait a minute, you mean in the midst of an education crisis, where nothing seems to be done by officials, people aren’t thrilled with Bloomberg? SHOCKING! According to Quinnipiac University’s survey 64 percent of registered voters are unhappy with how the Mayor is handling the school system, while 25 percent approve. However, it is not all bad news for Bloomberg; public support is sky high for Bloomberg’s initiative to lay teachers off based on performance NOT seniority. Finally, the same poll also shows that half of registered voters and more than 50 percent of parents with children in public schools said they expected Walcott to “make substantial improvements.” I’m all for optimism, but my question is HOW? What will Walcott do that will be so different? Should we just wish him to do wonderful things and then sit around waiting for them to happen? OR should parents mobilize and make their demands heard? I vote for the latter… Optimism is great, but I will not hold my breath on this one.

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3 Responses to “Somewhere Cathleen Black is Laughing Hysterically”

  1. mmcmediaprof said

    Not holding my breath, either… But curious: What’s MissEDUCATIONation’s position on teacher seniority?

  2. nbarbasch said

    This is a valid question, and obviously something that is quite controversial. I will preface my comment by saying that the current state of the education crisis is far from ideal- that means ideally, drastic teacher cuts such not be made. However, since they are being made, I am inclined to agree with nixing seniority, and instead focusing on results-or lack their of- individual teachers have seen from their students. These results are coming primarily in the form of testing. Now this is not necessarily the correct approach, to evaluate teachers on how well students do on tests- for as we know some students are awful test takers, and excel at everything else. However, since this is the way things are currently being done, I do not think it is far to keep teachers on, for the sole purpose of seniority.

  3. hlaughlin said

    I, too, think that getting rid of seniority is an improvement for the school system right now because if they MUST make these drastic cuts I would rather it be based on amount of knowledge.

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