Here we go again with these cuts!

May 11, 2011


Last Friday Mayor Bloomberg proposed a budget plan that would layoff 5 % of city workers. Among those 5% workers that are getting laid off are public school teachers.  Under the budget plan Mayor Bloomberg 4,100 New York City teachers are scheduled to get the ax. Teachers who came through programs such as Teach for America and New York  City are vulnerable to layoffs, but according to elite figures repesenting those programs most of those teachers who came through them are safe, because their jobs were the ones the city had most difficulty filling (because they low functioning areas). According to a model that the city prepared in February, a couple of hundreds of those teachers that are facing layofs will have taught  less than 5 years, about 650 of them are only in their first or second year. When are political  figures going to get their priorities straight? Why is it that when the city is  in a state of emergency and budget cuts need to be made, education seems to be the fisrt one to get the ax? Alhtough New York city is known for its progressiveness and good schools, it is also known for having a poor public school education department. Only in New York will  public schools be looked at in a negative light, perhaps the the situation above could be one of the reasons why.

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2 Responses to “Here we go again with these cuts!”

  1. mmcmediaprof said

    Thanks for calling our attention to this crucial issue. Can you suggest some ways citizens might make their feelings on this issue known?

  2. anabanana007 said

    i think that all city workers, especially teachers should protest. Not only are teachers going to be affected by this change, but the students in those schools where there would be lacking teachers, so parents and school faculty (other than teachers) should protest as well. But it should be an organized protest. It should be done by school district, and borough each one being represented by the county assembly person.

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