Cami Anderson Rules the School [System]

May 10, 2011

Finally there is someone who is actually doing some good for the education system, and her name is Cami Anderson.  She is a new superintendent in Newark, New Jersey and so far she has been a great boost for the community.  Her credentials include: working as a teacher for ten years, being the executive director for Teach for America, and the chief program officer for New Leaders for New Schools.  She believes the entire community needs to work together in order to improve education.  She said: “I don’t believe in lonely heroes winning the day.  I actually believe in teams, I think it’s the athlete in me … Education is not an individual sport.”

She does face many problems going into a state with a failing K-12 education system (Being one of many in the United States today).  Of Newark’s 40,000 public schools only 50% of them have an adequate graduation rate.  This achievement gap is not the only issue; its average spending rate is about $25,000 per student.  Pedro Noguera, a New York University education professor, emphasizes how Anderson needs to “put out some goals … [The people of the community] need to see that Newark can start to move forward in the right direction.”  So far she has laid out some possible reforms to help the disjointed system of education—and has made serious efforts to work with disconnected youth.  Her view on the role of charter schools is that they should only close failing schools when “children and literally their lives were at stake.”  Although, she does believe that “multiple pathways” for education is a necessity for success.  The most immediate decisions that she faces is: what to do with the $100 million gift from Facebook’s Zuckerberg and to make budget negotiations that include layoffs for up to 400 school employees.  Hopefully, these decisions will result in bettering the Newark community and not make me regret this post.

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One Response to “Cami Anderson Rules the School [System]”

  1. mmcmediaprof said

    It’s nice to see that you are seeing some hope… (And I take your note of caution, as well. I trust you will be keeping an eye on her!)

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